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Womens Corduroy Dresses

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At The Cords, we pay great respect to corduroy’s rich but little known history in order to deliver fresh classics which make you want to re-discover your love for corduroy. As an alternative to casual cotton dresses and denim dresses, we present a unique range of women’s corduroy dresses. The collection is made up of timeless everyday dresses such as shirt dresses inspired by the 1970s and the working culture. Our corduroy dresses are designed in our Stockholm studio and made from the softest cotton corduroy. They come in a range of wales and washes, from black and white to natural hues and vibrant pop colours, some with classic and novelty prints. The lower the wale number, the thicker the wales will be, and the dresses are designed to be worn all year round. Fusing familiar silhouettes with our signature premium corduroy means that we can give the fabric new relevance in a contemporary context. Defined by our signature spare but intricate detailing, our collection of women’s corduroy dresses showcases our dedication to push the boundaries of typical corduroy concepts and present the soft, durable and iconic fabric in a modern way.