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Mens Corduroy Sweatshirts

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We offer men’s corduroy sweatshirts, some of the most interesting items we have in our product range. This is our new take on a classic item, boosted with the most durable and fashionable fabric we have found. We have the classic hoodie with kangaroo front pocket, zip-up and drawstrings. We also offer the casual crew neck sweatshirts – all created in timeless, comfortable corduroy. Discover our fleece jersey sweatshirts, with an extra soft handfeel that elevates your everyday look. Endless possibilities and options when it comes to combining and styling your favorite trend.

Whether or not you use the sweatshirt as a standalone item or layer it under a hoody or over a T-shirt, it is, along with corduroy pants, a surefire way to make an impression. Pair them with other The Cords products - we offer corduroy jackets, shirts and hats. Choose the right color for that 90's feeling or casual, everyday look.

The classic material in the garment and variation in design make it easy to wear and you’re sure to find the perfect one for every occasion.

Get the casual cool street silhouette. Explore our Scandinavian designed men’s corduroy sweatshirts.